Youth Programsユースプログラム

Year-Round High

This program is for students wanting to experience an American high school first hand. Education is a top priority of the community and is shown in the high quality schools and educational environment here. Learn English language skills that will broaden your world, help you achieve your goals, and prepare you for the best colleges and possibly an international career. Students will have a thorough orientation where counselors will look at previously taken classes and will help design a personal educational program based on their objectives and goals. Students will also be placed with a Home Stay Family that has been carefully selected to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere where they can learn about American culture and lifestyle. Our guides will also keep a close eye on your student’s progress and well being throughout their stay in America.


Full Immersion

Our Full Immersion program showcases American student life with a special fusion of Buddy School, ZIP English, and Home Stay. Your Students will be paired up with an American High School or Middle School Student and participate in their daily routine. In this program, our ZIP English lessons are designed to prepare the students for their interactions with their American Buddies, as well as their excursions. As with all of our programs, your student will be given a Home Stay Family who will give them an authentic American Family experience. This is a great program for those interested in a more intensive American cultural experience with a lesser focus on our excursion options.

Full ImmersionプログラムはバディースクールZIPイングリッシュ、そしてホームステイを通してアメリカの学校生活を体験することができます。生徒の皆様にはアメリカ人の高校生または中学生とペアを組んでいただき、日常の暮らしを一緒に体験していただきます。このプログラムでは、ZIPの英語教室もそれぞれのバディーとの交流や遠足に役立つような英語教育をして生きます。他のプログラムと同様にFull Immersionではホームステイ制度をとり、アメリカの家族とアメリカでの暮らしはどういったものなのかを学ぶことができます。アメリカの文化や遠足に興味がある人におすすめのプログラムです。

Educational Adventures

ZIP has over 25 years of experience arranging adventures aimed to please! This program is designed to be a welcome break from all your studies as we take you hiking, climbing, boating, swimming, biking, and so much more. During your adventures, our guides will teach you all about the Southern Utah area. We know all about the National parks that you will explore: The Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon. Coupled together with our Home Stay program, our Educational Adventures provide an all-around American experience. Come have an experience with us that will stay with you for a lifetime! This program is great for those who want to take a break from school and have a unique American experience.

ZIPでは、25年間以上も留学生の皆様に満足していただけるような留学サポートをしております!このプログラムは、勉強の息抜きになれるようにハイキングや登山、船遊び、スウィミング、バイキングなどのたくさんの楽しいイベントがあります。留学中、私たちのガイドがユタ州南部について詳しくご紹介します。グランドキャニオンやザイオン国立公園、ブライス国立公園など近くの国立公園についても詳しくご紹介します。ホストファミリープログラムと連結し、Educational Excrusions(遠足?旅行?)を通してアメリカでの貴重な経験を提供します。一生の思い出になるような経験を私たちと作りませんか?このプログラムは、学校や勉強などから離れて他では味わえない時間を送りたい方にぴったりなプログラムです。

ZIP Traditional

By far our most popular tour package is the ZIP English Program. This program delivers a full American experience with English conversation study in the day that leads to Southern Utah travel in the afternoon. Our teachers are trained to break students out of their shells so they can use their English in practical settings. Leisure activities include hiking in spectacular National Parks like the Grand Canyon and Zion Canyon, boating in beautiful Southern Utah lakes, and much more. Students also get our Home Stay experience with carefully selected host families who give students an inside look at American Family life. This is a great program for those looking for a good balance of leisure, English study, and an American lifestyle.


Sports Training Camp

ZIP’s specialty is arranging camps for sports teams wanting to develop their skills and learn how America trains athletes. St. George is a perfect location for many sports programs due to its warm climate and many outdoor facilities. ZIP can arrange training camps for American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf and more. These private camps are led by American College and High School staff who have years of experience working with youth. After a long day at camp, your students will enjoy a friendly atmosphere and home cooked food with our Home Stay program. Let ZIP host your next Sports Camp for a unique cultural and training experience.